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Macron to French party leaders: There are no "red lines" in supporting Ukraine

Thursday, 7 March 2024, 17:18
Macron to French party leaders: There are no red lines in supporting Ukraine
French President Emmanuel Macron. Photo: Getty Images

The leaders of the French parliamentary parties and French President Emmanuel Macron held a meeting on the morning of 7 March, and the latter briefed them on the frontline situation in Ukraine and his vision of French support for Kyiv.

Source: European Pravda, citing French newspaper Le Figaro

Details: Based on the comments made by French Communist Party leader Fabien Roussel and far-right National Rally leader Jordan Bardella, Macron confirmed to them that he had no intention of setting "any limits" or "any red lines" on French support for Ukraine.


Summing up Macron's remarks, French Green Party Chairwoman Marine Tondelier noted that "setting limits for ourselves" would give Russian President Vladimir Putin a "comparative advantage".

"The president was very serious about the necessity of rapidly mobilising additional resources to combat the Russian threat in Ukraine," Bertrand Pancher, one of the politicians present at the meeting, told Le Figaro.

Several of those present told Le Figaro on condition of anonymity that Macron had "maps in hands" as he was explaining the risks of Ukraine retreating from the front line in favour of Russian forces.


"He essentially explained to us that if we support Ukraine and yet speak of limiting ourselves, Vladimir Putin is likely to succeed," one of the sources said. The Champs-Élysées has not yet commented on Macron's meeting with political party leaders.


  • On 17 February, French President Emmanuel Macron instructed the government to "make a statement to parliament" regarding the bilateral security agreement signed with Ukraine on 16 February and the situation in Ukraine in general, after which there will be "debates and votes".
  • For the second week in a row, Europe has been discussing Macron's resonant statement about the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine.

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