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Macron gathers leaders of French parliamentary parties to discuss situation in Ukraine

Macron says his remarks on Western troops in Ukraine were "thought through"

Estonian PM supports Macron's idea of Western troops in Ukraine

Zelenskyy comments on Macron's idea of sending troops to Ukraine

French foreign minister clarifies Macron's offer to "send troops to Ukraine"

Macron announced debate in parliament on bilateral agreement between France and Ukraine

Macron urges Europe not to wait for US elections, but support Ukraine and reinforce its own security now

We must be prepared for a Russian attack on NATO countries in a few years – French President

Polish President confirms there was no consensus in Paris on sending troops to Ukraine

Macron announces coalition to provide Ukraine with long-range missiles

Macron doesn't rule out possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine

Zelenskyy participates in summit of leaders assembled by Macron to support Ukraine

Macron to host 2 dozen of Ukraine's allies in Paris for "surge of support"

Macron invites European leaders to special meeting dedicated to Ukraine

Zelenskyy arrives in Paris to negotiate security agreement with Macron – photo

Zelenskyy to secure security guarantees in Paris by signing agreement with Macron

Zelenskyy to speak at Munich conference and meet with Scholz and Macron

Macron postpones his Ukraine visit

Zelenskyy and Macron discuss situation on battlefield and Ukraine's weapon needs

Medvedev again threatens the world with "apocalypse"

Russia's victory unacceptable, Europe must continue to support Ukraine even without US – Macron

Zelenskyy discusses his French counterpart's upcoming visit to Ukraine

Macron acknowledges European countries' doubts about helping Ukraine and promises support

French President reveals Hungarian PM's promise concerning Ukraine's EU accession

Zelenskyy speaks to French President over the phone from Argentina

French President invites Hungarian Prime Minister to convince him to support Ukraine's accession to EU − Politico

France's Macron calls December critical month for war in Ukraine

Macron arrives in Kazakhstan and praises Tokayev for "not being anyone’s vassal", making Russia concerned

Macron: The G20 Declaration is not a diplomatic victory for Russia

We need to think about victims of the regime as well – Macron on allowing Russians to participate in Olympics