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Iran launches 150 missiles on Israel – ABC

Sunday, 14 April 2024, 02:44
Iran launches 150 missiles on Israel – ABC
Israeli air defence intercepts Iranian targets. Screenshot: Times of Israel

Iran initially launched 80 missiles towards Israel, and later another 70.

Source: ABC News, citing a high-ranking American official

Details: The media reports that Iran launched another 70 missiles.


Earlier, the country launched 80 missiles. Thus, the total number of missiles launched has reached 150.


  • Iran launched an attack on Israel using dozens of drones while Israel was on combat alert.
  • According to the media, Iran launched a wave of ballistic missiles towards Israel.
  • After Iran's attack on Israel began, President Joe Biden stated that support for Israel's security is "ironclad".
  • American and Israeli military officials have reported intercepting Iranian drones, the number of which exceeded one hundred.

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