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Russia will never leave Crimea and Donbas, Slovak PM says

Wednesday, 17 April 2024, 15:20
Russia will never leave Crimea and Donbas, Slovak PM says
Robert Fico. Photo: Getty Images

Slovakia's Prime Minister, Robert Fico, believes Russia would never return Crimea and Donbas to Ukraine.

Source: Dennik N, as reported by European Pravda

Details: According to Fico, recognising the principle of territorial integrity in the case of Ukraine is merely a theoretical concept of international law, and any settlement will be costly, with the Russians winning militarily.


"According to international law, we all recognise another country's territorial integrity, sovereignty, and the inviolability of its borders. This is a sound theory of international law. But the Russians will never give up Crimea, Donbas, or Luhansk," Fico said.

According to ČTK, the speaker believes Ukraine lacks military potential and power in its conflict with Russia.

"There is no military solution and never will be. There will only be 100,000 more dead on one side or the other. The only thing that can help is for NATO to interfere, and this is World War III," Fico added.

The Slovak Prime Minister again called for the cessation of hostilities in Ukraine and said that the negotiators could propose, for example, the introduction of a special status for the Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine’s east, and a subsequent referendum on their future.

"You can draw castles in the air, but the Russians are not going to get away, it's theirs," he said.

Fico said he would not change his mind about the war in Ukraine because of Czech counterpart Petr Fiala's position, which prompted the suspension of bilateral government consultations.

In response to Prague's decision to halt talks with his cabinet, Robert Fico stated that the Czech government had chosen to jeopardise bilateral relations solely to support the war in Ukraine.

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