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Polish farmers block two more checkpoints on border with Ukraine

Thursday, 18 April 2024, 10:03
Polish farmers block two more checkpoints on border with Ukraine
Stock photo: Getty Images

Polish farmers have resumed blocking the Korczowa-Krakivets and Medyka-Shehyni checkpoints on the border with Ukraine.

Source: Andrii Demchenko, spokesperson for Ukraine's State Border Guard Service (SBGS), in a comment to Ukrainska Pravda

Details: Ukrainian border guards were informed about this by their Polish colleagues.


The protesters commenced the blockade at the Korczowa and Medyka checkpoints on Poland's territory after 09:00 on 18 April. These checkpoints are situated just opposite to Ukraine's Krakivets and Shehyni crossing points.

Traffic of lorries travelling towards Ukraine is restricted at the Krakivets checkpoint, while traffic at the Shehyni checkpoint is limited both for exit and entry.

Reports indicate that Polish farmers plan to block traffic at Krakivets until 09:00 on 20 April and at Shehyni until 09:00 on 19 April.

Demchenko noted that around 1,500 lorries were queuing in Poland at these points as of Thursday morning (18 April) to cross into Ukraine.

No restrictions on the movement of passenger cars and buses are expected.

Meanwhile, Polish farmers are continuing to block the Yahodyn and Rava-Ruska checkpoints.

Quote: "The protesters are continuing to hamper the movement of lorries there, letting a few vehicles through per hour or restricting traffic altogether. Polish protesters have been blocking lorries from entering Poland through these checkpoints for some time now.

A handful of lorries are still allowed to pass through Yahodyn towards Ukraine, [which is a small amount] compared to the capacity of this crossing. The total number of lorries queuing at these two checkpoints in Poland was around 600 as of the morning of 18 April."

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