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Mines left without power in Ukraine's east, one miner killed in Donetsk Oblast

Wednesday, 5 June 2024, 11:40
Mines left without power in Ukraine's east, one miner killed in Donetsk Oblast
Stock photo: Volynet

Two mines in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast were left without power today, 5 June, due to a power outage on one of the substations.

Source: Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy on Telegram

Details: According to the report, the workers were not taken to the surface, and the mines were powered up soon after.


In addition, because of the Russian bombardment in Donetsk Oblast, the overhead power line of the local oblast energy supplying company was switched off. Substations and mines that were connected to them were also left without power. There were 317 miners underground – they returned to the surface following their shift. Subsequently, power was returned to all consumers.

"At one of the mines in Donetsk Oblast, a 21-year-old worker (driver of underground installations) died due to injuries," the report said.


  • On 23 May, mining equipment stopped working due to the shelling of Donetsk Oblast, and more than 160 workers were stuck underground.
  • Ventilation equipment failed due to the damage done to one of the Donetsk Oblast’s mines, and 137 workers were taken to the surface.
  • Later, as a result of bombardment, ventilation systems failed in another area of the mine. 26 workers were warned of the emergency and remained in the mine until the end of the shift to ensure that the facility functioned properly.

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