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Ukraine reacts to negotiations proposed by Russian Federation: It’s all lie

Kremlin prepared to wait for a new president of Ukraine to negotiate

Zelenskyy approves National Security Council decision on impossibility of negotiations with Putin

Office of President of Ukraine announces conditions under which negotiations with Russia may resume

Ukraine ready for negotiations with Russia, but not with Putin – Zelenskyy

Putin claims he wants to resume negotiations with Ukraine

Kremlin says that they focus on military actions, not negotiations

Countries offering mediation with the Russian Federation: stop this game and support Ukraine – Ukrainian Foreign Minister

Ukraine not opposed to negotiations with Russia on contributions and reparations

Putin knows negotiations will be impossible after sham referendums – Zelenskyy

Russian Foreign Ministry states it will be more difficult for Ukraine to negotiate with Kremlin

Putin’s administration claims to see no prospects for diplomatic solution of war

Zelenskyy's meeting with Putin makes no sense now – Presidentʼs Office

Putin is outraged that Ukraine wants to win on the battlefield

Kuleba states under what conditions Ukraine will enter into negotiations with Russia

Peskov insists that Putin is aware of Russian retreat in Ukraine

Zelenskyy rejects negotiations with Russia, Medvedev responds with threats

Russian Foreign Minister says Russia not opposed to negotiations amidst Ukraine’s counteroffensive

Negotiations with Russia currently impossible – Zelenskyy

Yalta European Strategy Forum: Defence Minister Reznikov answers Western partners about terms of negotiations with Russia

Kremlin considers negotiations again, although "special operation going as planned"

Russia reacted to Zelenskyy's dissolution of the TCG: "put an end" to the negotiations

Zelenskyy: Even if we negotiate with Russia, it will come for more of our land

The Russian Federation once again announces its alleged "readiness" for negotiations with Ukraine at any level

Negotiations and truce with Russia are unprofitable for both Ukraine and Europe – Office of President of Ukraine

Zelenskyy: Sham trial of Ukrainians is not about "red lines"; it will put a complete stop to talks with Russia

Zelenskyy: Russia’s show trial in Mariupol a point of no return for negotiations

Erdogan offers Zelensky opportunity to organise meeting with Putin

Adviser to the head of the Ukrainian President’s Office likens negotiations with Russia to a game of Russian roulette with a full chamber

Erdoğan suggests to revive negotiations between Ukraine, Russia on the basis of the March agreements