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Zelenskyy after meeting with Erdoğan: Negotiations with Russia possible only if Russian troops withdraw from Ukraine

Russian media reveals survey according to which 65% of Russians want a peace treaty with Ukraine

Negotiations possible only if Russia suffers significant losses – President's Office

War Speeches. Russia creates nuclear threat and seeks negotiations on their terms and conditions

Zelenskyy: Russian "referendums" will foreclose future negotiations

The Office of the President of Ukraine cites 4 necessary components for negotiations with Russia

Zelenskyy: If Russia wanted to negotiate, it wouldn’t be deploying reserve troops in southern Ukraine

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister: Russia’s alleged willingness to negotiate is a "smokescreen"

Before and after the counteroffensive: Are there perspectives in peace negotiations with Russia?

Lavrov states that Moscow has never refused to negotiate with Kyiv

Following the attack right after the grain agreement, Moscow wants to negotiate on other issues as well

Ukrainian President’s Office: No grounds for resuming negotiations with Russia

Putin says Russians have left Kyiv for the sake of negotiations

Russia claims its demands at the talks with Kyiv will be more severe

Office of the President of Ukraine replied to Peskov about the negotiations: The time will come, and we will record our conditions

Russia claims Kyiv has to accept Putin’s conditions

Podoliak’s response to Peskov: It wasn’t Ukraine that started the war, so we can’t end it "by order"

A peace treaty with Ukraine is possible according to Kremlin ultimatums - Kremlin spokesman Peskov

Medvedev on negotiations after counteroffensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “If there is anyone to talk with”

All Russia's proposals for negotiations are an attempt at appeasement before stabbing us in the back – an adviser to the head of the President's Office

Lavrov said that Russia was satisfied with Ukraine's negotiating position

Zelenskyy to Macron, Scholz and Сo.: Russia doesn't want peace, it wants war

Patrushev says Russia wants to reach agreement with Ukraine as soon as possible

Peskov said that meeting between Putin and Zelenskyy is currently impossible

Lavrov will talk in Turkey about resuming negotiations with Ukraine

Arakhamiia indicates when Ukraine will resume negotiations with Russia

Kremlin claims Kyiv delaying peace talks due to US arms supplies

Putin says Russia is ready to continue negotiations with Ukraine

The Russian delegation says that negotiations with Ukraine “might not be over"

Zelenskyy on negotiations with Russia: Azovstal evacuation the only positive outcome