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No one is pushing Ukraine to negotiate with Putin, everyone sees there is no point

New people involved in negotiations between Kyiv and Kremlin, however, peace is not on table

Moscow starts "begging" for negotiations through mediators

Ukraine to begin preparations for negotiations on joining EU, decision to be finalised at summit

Withdrawal of Russian troops is condition for negotiations with Russia – Scholz

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence sent agent to talks with Russia before 2022 invasion to play for time

Poor coordination between Ukrainian secret services: reason for murder of member of negotiating delegation revealed

Zelenskyy: I'm not entirely sure Putin is still alive

Member of negotiating delegation shot by Ukraine’s Security Service warned Ukraine's spy chief about Putin's plans to capture Kyiv

UN Secretary-General believes Ukraine-Russia peace talks unlikely in near future

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry to Russian counterpart: Moscow will have to comply with Zelenskyy’s "Peace Formula"

Russian Foreign Minister on Zelenskyy's peace formula: "Out of the question"

Kremlin claims it is not trying to reach agreement with Europe on peace treaty with Kyiv

Russia will not negotiate on conditions of Zelenskyy’s "peace formula" – Russian Foreign Minister

Danilov responds to Peskov: There are no "new territories of Russia", Russia's reality is defeat and collapse

Kremlin explains Putin's words about imminent end of war

Zelenskyy: The sooner Putin admits his mistake and retreats, the longer he and his entourage will live

Erdogan again offers to mediate ceasefire in Ukraine

Kremlin talks about "goals of special operation" again, but wants "long-lasting peace"

Zelenskyy on Russia: signing something with these terrorists will not bring peace

Danilov on security guarantees for Russia: There’s no death penalty at The Hague

Servant of the People party leader names conditions for negotiations on security guarantees for Russia

Kremlin's response to Biden's negotiation conditions: Russians will not leave Ukraine

Ukraine negotiating to receive S-300 missiles from other countries

Knight's move: Russian Foreign Minister suddenly states Russia never asked for negotiations with Ukraine

Survey shows 55% of Russians want negotiations with Ukraine

Zelenskyy: Solutions that don't involve liberating Crimea are a "waste of time"

Lukashenko thinks Ukrainians are dissatisfied with Zelenskyy

Lukashenko calls on Kyiv for peace negotiations: Complete destruction will follow

War Speeches. Russia is guilty, and this is not in debate