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Ukraine's Foreign Minister denies that Chinese envoy called on European countries to recognise Ukrainian territories as belonging to Russian

President's Office says nothing will make Ukraine negotiate before withdrawal of Russian troops

Beijing's special envoy discusses resolving "Ukrainian crisis" in Paris

Russian fertilisers and Ukrainian grain: 6 African presidents to visit Ukraine with special "mission"

Any mediation between Ukraine and Russia must comply with two principles – Ukraine's Foreign Minister

Ukraine being "brought to negotiating table" on Russia's terms – Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council Secretary

Kissinger says "actual negotiations" between Russia and Ukraine possible by end of 2023

Ukraine's Defence Minister recalls negotiations with Russia: a NATO helicopter in Belarus, and Russians refusing to collect the bodies of their dead

Negotiations on grain agreement on Friday did not bring progress – UN

Ukraine's Foreign Minister explains why Ukraine and the world need true peace, not appeasing the aggressor

Don't put us at negotiating table, give us weapons – National Security and Defence Council Secretary to "peacemakers"

Italy's Defence Minister advocates Ukraine-Russia negotiations mediated by China

Putin's spokesman: Russia will listen only to those "peace" proposals that are in its interests

We didn't know if we would come back – Ukraine's Defence Minister on talks with Russia in Minsk

Belarusian Foreign Minister speaks in Hungary about negotiations and truce in Ukraine

Now is not the time for negotiations, now is the time for military action – Macron

President's Office not ruling out negotiations on Crimea with Russia when Armed Forces of Ukraine reach its borders

Ukrainian Foreign Minister comments on negotiations about F-16s in Brussels

Lukashenko to visit Moscow for talks with Putin again

Lukashenko devoted half of his address to war in Ukraine and need for negotiations

Zelenskyy says phone call with Xi Jinping not yet confirmed

Putin once again brings up "diplomatic settlement" ahead of Xi Jinping's visit

Polish special forces guarded Ukrainian delegation on its negotiations with Russia at beginning of invasion

President's Office reminds Lavrov of the conditions for "serious negotiations": Withdraw troops from another country

Kremlin complains of Scholz and Macron not contacting Putin at all lately

Berlin denies Ukraine is offered defence pact in exchange for negotiations with Russia

NATO offer strengthening ties with Ukraine as a way to encourage Kyiv to start peace talks with Russia – WSJ

There is no one to talk to – Zelenskyy on possibility of talks with Putin in Türkiye

Putting pressure on Ukraine to hold peace talks makes no sense – Zelenskyy

87% of Ukrainians not ready to give up their land