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There will be no peace talks while Russia continues to occupy Ukrainian territory – Ukraine's Security Council chief

Putin believes Ukraine is thinking about negotiations

Talks on Ukraine's accession to EU to begin in 2024 with Belgium at helm – Office of President of Ukraine

Moscow sees no preconditions for talks with Kyiv

US Secretary of State names condition under which negotiations with Russia are possible

This is a bad moment for diplomacy – Zelenskyy

Foreign Minister explains why Ukraine cannot conduct peace talks with Putin

Boris Johnson expresses his thoughts on negotiating with Russia given Prigozhin's likely murder

Ukraine's Foreign Minister on negotiating with Russia: Prigozhin negotiated, and then he ceased to exist

Ukraine's Head of President's Office on peace summits and negotiations: Russia will need to be involved at end of war

Adviser to Ukrainian President's Office on Jeddah meeting: Not everyone understands why war is going on and why Russia must lose

Meeting to discuss Ukraine's Peace Formula begins in Saudi Arabia

Ukraine makes diplomatic move to weaken Russia – NYT

Second phase of Peace Formula: Ukraine's President's Office chief announces meeting with advisers in Saudi Arabia

Representatives of 30 countries invited to Saudi Arabia for meeting on Ukraine

Ukraine's Foreign Minister does not think invitation to NATO postponed for bargaining with Russia

Ukraine's Foreign Minister explains why the only way to victory for now is military

Czech President believes "window of opportunity" on front will exist until the end of the year – then negotiations

Zelenskyy on possible negotiations with Putin after Ukrainian army approaching Crimea: Rhetoric that makes sense

Lukashenko inclines Ukraine to negotiate with Russia, setting Wagner chief as example

Medvedev names options to stop war: Either negotiations or nuclear strike

Zelenskyy explained when Ukraine will be ready for a diplomatic settlement of the war

Putin is not ready for peace: actions speak louder than words – US State Department

We will not agree to frozen conflict – Zelenskyy

Zelenskyy responds to African leaders in regards to peace talks with Russia

Russia and Belarus want talks again – Lukashenko

Zelenskyy suggests that Russia perform "diplomatic exit", withdrawing from occupied territories without fighting

Ukrainian Security Council Secretary reacted to Li Hui's words about possibility of negotiations with Russia

Ukraine responds to Orbán who calls for negotiations with Russia again

EU's top diplomat says he is "not optimistic" about what could happen in Ukraine this summer