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Kremlin states it is not opposed to Zelenskyy being Ukrainian President

Zelenskyy calls on partners to show leadership in implementing 10 steps of "peace formula"

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry likens Russia to ISIS after Putin’s spokesman admits latest attacks aimed at forcing negotiations

Kremlin says they don't understand what Zelenskyy means by "public negotiations"

Zelenskyy speaks of signals from other countries regarding negotiations with Russia

Lavrov is offended that Zelenskyy does not listen to advice of West

Commander-in-Chief says Ukrainian military will not accept any negotiations or compromises

Zelenskyy: We are ready for peace, but peace for entire Ukraine

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry replies to Russians: Russia not in any position to dictate terms

President’s Office of Ukraine believes that Russia to get down to negotiations after liberation of Donetsk or Luhansk

Negotiations with Russian Federation may resume in second half of 2023, according to Servant of People party head

Zelenskyy on negotiations with Russia: Words are not enough, Putin does not want war to end

Russia suddenly announces its readiness for negotiations "taking into account current state of affairs"

Ukraine is not being pushed to negotiate with Russia

The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine: Kremlin manipulates statements about the absence of "preliminary requirements" for negotiations

No preconditions: Russian Foreign Ministry wants Ukraine to show "good will" and negotiate

Zelenskyy reveals whether he is pushed to compromise with Russia

Ukraine responds to Russian foreign minister: the condition for negotiations is an immediate end to war

Putin ready for negotiations with West on certain conditions

Kremlin says Putin and Biden could discuss guarantees of Russia's security

Zelenskyy announces when negotiations with Russia can resume

Putin wants to offer Ukraine a pause to prepare for a new offensive

Zelenskyy on Putin: It’s difficult to negotiate with unreasonable people

Lavrov hopes that Zelenskyy changes his mind about negotiations with Russia

Ukraine’s Office of the President after massive-scale Russian missile strikes: Who can we talk to there? Air defence and MLRS needed instead

Zelenskyy: Russia's relentless terrorist attacks signal its refusal to negotiate

Arakhamia responds to Romanian Defence Minister on the negotiations that Ukraine is prepared to conduct with the West

Russia manipulates discussions of negotiations to gather strength and strike again – Zelenskyy

Ukraine’s Defence Minister Reznikov sends “birthday greetings” to Putin: No one will talk to the person still leading Russia

Danilov replies to Matviyenko: Don't think about negotiations, but about defence in The Hague