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Liberation of Nestryha Island near Kherson to enhance counter-sabotage measures, spokesman says

Polls show slight decrease in number of people expecting full liberation of Ukrainian territory at end of war

Donbas will be harder to liberate than Crimea – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence chief

Ukrainian ambassador reacts to Polish President's doubts on Crimea's liberation

Umierov proposes to create international group to withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine

Zelenskyy: Ukraine must liberate all its territories, no changes to strategy

Ukrainian defenders advance on Dnipro River's left bank in Kherson Oblast, fighting rages near Krynky – ISW

Ukraine's forces are now past first two lines of Russian defences and facing the third – Ukraine's Defence Minister

Ukrainian intelligence was behind broadcast of Zelenskyy's address in Crimea, source says

Zelenskyy on liberation: Crimea is waiting, but it will be mentally harder with Donbas

Ukraine's forces make sure Russians do not gain foothold in Topoli

Russian boats hit in Crimea on 10 November beyond repair

Ukraine's Armed Forces drive Russian unit out of occupied village with FPV drones

Ukrainian military officer explains why Russians ran away from Kherson

Zelenskyy speaks with Aliyev after Azerbaijan regains control of its territories in Nagorno-Karabakh

Ukrainian special operation forces land in Crimea, battle with losses occurs – Defence Intelligence

There is much to commend: Zelenskyy praises brigades fighting in Ukraine's east and south

Zelenskyy: Mariupol will live in Ukraine, Melitopol will be liberated

Ukraine's Deputy PM asks Ukrainians to leave Crimea and wait for liberation

Ukraine's Armed Forces explain significance of Klishchiivka’s liberation: springboard for further action

Zelenskyy on liberation of Klishchiivka: Well done

Ukraine's Defence Forces confirm liberation of Klishchiivka

Ukraine always takes back its own – Chief of Ukrainian President's Office posts photo of Ukrainian military in Klishchiivka

Russia prepares for Ukrainian offensive on Tokmak – UK Intelligence

Nowhere to plant a flag in Andriivka, it's destroyed

New satellite image shows damaged air defence in Crimea

Ukraine's Defence Forces liberate 1.5 more square kilometres near Robotyne, Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Agrarians in Ukrainian-liberated Kherson Oblast prepare for sowing winter crops

Armed Forces of Ukraine advance on Tavriia front

"We shall not leave single centimetre to Russians": Zelenskyy congratulates almost 50 cities of Ukraine