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Russian Federal Security Service

FSB says they killed Ukrainian Security Service agent who attempted to bomb occupier in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

FSB attempts to terrify Africa with tales of American mosquitoes and biolabs

Ukraine uncovers Russian espionage network with operations in 3 oblasts – photo

Assistant to MP in German Bundestag works for FSB

Russia's FSB recruited European Parliament member from Latvia, investigation reveals

Russia is forming Federal Security Service detachments to deploy on Ukrainian border

FSB forbade VIPs to board Il-76 yesterday; only 5 bodies delivered to Belgorod's morgue – Ukraine's intelligence

Russian proxy who attempted to recruit Ukrainian officer in Odesa sentenced to 15 years in prison – photo

Russian authorities could be obtaining video from surveillance cameras in Ukraine for years

Lieutenant Colonel of FSB shot dead in Russia's Bryansk Oblast – Ukraine's Intelligence

FSB claims it detained Ukrainian intelligence accomplice in Russia's Buryatia

Ukraine's Security Service catches Russian mole in Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration

Russians to investigate attempted assassination of former pro-Russian MP

FSB and Russia's Kursk Oblast governor clash over defence structures

Russia's FSB wants to expand surveillance of country's Internet users – ISW

US company Iridium provides navigation for FSB drones during combat

Russian special services involve teenagers in pseudo-mining in Ukraine

Car containing two FSB officers who tortured Ukrainians is blown up in Oleshky

Russian Volunteer Corps claims to have killed FSB employee and wounded 10 more during raid

Ukraine's Security Service detains sniper who was supposed to kill command of armed forces brigades on 9 May

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry reacts to further detentions of Crimean Tatars

UK military believes Prigozhin's death was organised by FSB

Russian security forces conduct searches of Crimean Tatars in Crimea

Crimean railway employees involved in spying on passengers

FSB claims it detained saboteur who blew up gas pipeline in Crimea

Russian investigators classify case of former Donetsk Oblast proxy detained for extremism

Russia's Federal Security Service claims it prevented murder of propagandist Simonyan and Sobchak

Ukrainian Security Service serves a new notice suspicion on pro-Russian propagandist blogger Sharii

Programs for tracking users of online messengers created at request of Russian authorities – The New York Times

Russian government says that Security Service agent was going to blow up Aksyonov