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Russians spread fake news about "trafficking organs of Ukrainian soldiers"

Russians are spreading fake information about "Ukrainian special force unit shooting civilians"

Russian intelligence creates fake accounts impersonating Ukraine's new commander-in-chief

Fake "Zaluzhnyi websites" appear online – Ukraine's Center for Countering Disinformation

European Parliament concerned about Russia's attempts to undermine European democracy

German foreign ministry concerned about extensive Russian disinformation on Twitter (X)

Zelenskyy names two key challenges for world in fight against Russian aggression

Russian propaganda spreads lies about Ukrainian pilot switching over to Russia

Russian funds anti-Ukraine disinformation campaign in Latin America

Russians spread fake news about deployment of Azov and Kraken regiments in France – Center for Countering Disinformation

Russia launches information campaign in Germany to discredit Ukraine – intelligence

The occupiers are spreading a fake about the mobilisation of women to the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine: Russia is exploiting children deported from Ukraine for propaganda and fake news