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Orbán promises more "surprise meetings" after trip to Moscow

Sunday, 7 July 2024, 13:53
Orbán promises more surprise meetings after trip to Moscow
Viktor Orbán. Photo: Orbán on Facebook

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has revealed his impressions of his trip to Moscow to meet with Kremlin ruler Vladimir Putin, promising future "surprise meetings".

Source: Orbán in an interview with Roger Köppel, editor-in-chief of the Swiss website and weekly Die Weltwoche, known for its pro-Russian stance, as reported by European Pravda 

Details: Orbán described his meeting with Putin as "special" because "you can imagine behind him what he is ruling".


Quote from Orbán: "You mentioned the warheads, but you know, the territory, the people, the whole enormous geographic treasury, what they have. So it’s a real empire. A man who rules a real empire."

According to Orbán, the trip to meet Putin was planned in strictest secrecy. The Hungarian Prime Minister said he had kept it a secret as long as possible.

Orbán added that more "surprise meetings" could take place next week, but did not specify who he would be meeting.


Russian ruler Vladimir Putin hosted Orbán in the Kremlin on 5 July for talks and discussions on Ukraine, among other things. He started the meeting by mentioning an ultimatum for Kyiv.

Orbán said that after his visits to Moscow and Kyiv, he realised that the positions of both sides regarding the war of aggression unleashed by Russia "are very far apart".

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