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Sofia Sereda

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Secretary on why Security Council noticed Moscow Patriarchate Ukrainian Orthodox Church only after invasion: "It crossed the line"

Not the time: Danilov refuses to name oligarchs and politicians with greatest pro-Russian influence

Ukraine's National Security Council Secretary comments on elections during war

No relevant grounds to put former Deputy Chief of Ukraine's Presidential Administration on sanction list – Danilov

No one is included in register of oligarchs yet – National Security Council Secretary

UAnimals tells what kind of animals were saved thanks to Ukrainian military

Russia uses raccoon stolen from Kherson for war propaganda – UAnimals

Russian military regularly mines locations where animals are kept – UAnimals

Ex-prisoner Izolyatsia prison tells how ex-intelligence officer helped him find in Kyiv Palych, main executioner of prison

One-third of all complaints to language ombudsman in 2023 came from Kyiv

Ukraine's language protection commissioner records few hundreds facts of linguicide by Russia

If Ukraine had enough Ukrainian-made Sapsan missile systems, Russia might not have dared occupy it – Ukrainian Air Force spokesman

Ukraine's Air Force says Ukraine unlikely to run out of Patriot missiles

Iranian-made drones are a headache for Ukraine's Air Force – spokesman

Russia continues to launch missiles on Ukraine because sanctions are ineffective – Ukraine's Air Force

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence reveals how they determined that Putin uses doubles

Assessment remains unchanged – Ukraine will definitely regain Crimea – Defence Intelligence

Ukraine's ombudsman confirms even greater deterioration of Ukraine's cooperation with Red Cross