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Azov Regiment say they still have weapons to fight the Russians with

Sunday, 8 May 2022, 16:05
Azov Regiment say they still have weapons to fight the Russians with

Olena Roshchina — Sunday, 8 May 2022, 16:05

Fighters of the Azov Regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine, who are defending Mariupol and are stationed at the Azovstal steelworks, still have some supplies of food and weapons, so they will continue their unequal fight against the Russian troops.

Source: Ilya Samoilenko, an intelligence officer from the Azov Regiment, in response to questions during an online briefing


Details: Fighter Ilya Samoilenko said there were some things he could not talk about for security reasons, but he assured everyone that the fighters still have supplies and will fight on against the occupiers.

Direct quote: "We still have provisions, we still have weapons. We may be short of military equipment and heavy artillery, but we can't use artillery now anyway, because it’s too close to the city itself. You know what I mean.

Russia hasn’t stopped using artillery yet, but we can’t do that.

Our resources here are limited. All our supplies are limited because we are not getting any resupply: we have now been fighting on our own for almost two and a half months.

We still have water, we still have ammunition, we still have personal weapons – we will fight until we have the best possible resolution of the situation."

Details: At the same briefing, Azov Regiment deputy commander Captain Sviatoslav Palamar, known as "Kalyna", said that shelling of Azovstal was continuing – and the authorities must continue the evacuation and at least get the wounded fighters out.

Samoilenko said that Azov have killed 2,500 Russian troops and destroyed 60 of their tanks in Mariupol, but that the commander of the 36th Marine Brigade, Volodymyr Baraniuk, escaped with some of his subordinates, taking tanks and ammunition.

According to Samoilenko, the defenders of Mariupol have four options, but the only acceptable one is to fight, and captivity would mean death for them.

Over the past week, women, children and elderly people have been evacuated from Azovstal. Next, the authorities hoped to evacuate medics and the wounded from the plant.