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Israeli ground forces enter Gaza Strip

Saturday, 28 October 2023, 03:02
Israeli ground forces enter Gaza Strip

Israeli ground forces entered the Gaza Strip on Friday evening, 27 October, after intense bombardment with artillery and rockets fired from military aircraft.

Source: New York Times with reference to its sources in Israeli forces

Details: The New York Times said the attacks came three weeks after cross-border raids by Hamas that killed 1,400 people in Israel and sparked the war.


At the same time, Jawwal and Paltel, two leading Palestinian mobile networks, said mobile and internet services were disrupted after the strikes.

Israeli Major General Nir Dinar said Israeli forces had crossed the border and were fighting in the Gaza Strip, but he refused to confirm whether it was the start of a full-scale ground invasion, which Israel has been saying for weeks.

The New York Times added that Israeli troops, including tanks, have been conducting small sallies into Gaza without staying there for long over the past two days.


"Our troops and tanks are inside the Gaza Strip — they’re shooting and they’re operating," Dinar said, adding, "But our troops and tanks were inside Gaza yesterday as well".

Previously: Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, spokesman of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), said Israeli ground forces were expanding their ground operations on the evening of 27 October and would intensify air strikes in the Gaza Strip.


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