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Lithuania considers helping Ukraine get military-age men back

Thursday, 25 April 2024, 13:55
Lithuania considers helping Ukraine get military-age men back
Stock photo: Getty Images

Lithuania is considering helping Ukraine to repatriate men liable for military service, but first they need to work out how to do this.

Source: Delfi with reference to Lithuanian Defence Minister Laurynas Kasčiūnas, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Kasčiūnas said Lithuania is not yet considering specific measures and is watching to see what Poland decides.


"Of course no one is going to gather them up and haul them off to Ukraine – that’s not going to happen. But [they could be] cut off from receiving social benefits, work permits, or documents – these are options that I’m hearing about from Poland. So let's wait and see what option they will offer. Perhaps it will be suitable for Lithuania as well," Kasčiūnas said.

Kasčiūnas stressed that it is difficult to estimate how many military-age Ukrainian men are currently in Lithuania.


  • Polish Defence Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz has said that Poland is ready to help Ukraine get men of military age back, but he did not specify how.
  • On 23 April, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba confirmed reports that consular services were being suspended for Ukrainian men who are liable for military service. 
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs later stated that after the mobilisation law enters into force on 18 May 2024, "the process of accepting and reviewing applications for consular actions will continue with account of the new requirements arising from provisions of the law".
  • The EU has "taken note" of the Ukrainian authorities’ decision to restrict consular services. 

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