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Russian Central Bank temporarily suspends trading at Moscow Exchange

Thursday, 13 June 2024, 22:19

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation decided to temporarily suspend trading on the Moscow Exchange on 14 June.

Source: Russian Central Bank in a statement

Quote: "The Bank of Russia decided not to hold trading sessions until 09:50 Moscow time on the foreign exchange and precious metals markets, as well as on the urgent market of Moscow Exchange PJSC, from 14 June 2024 until the cancellation of this decision," the statement said.


The Moscow Exchange also announced that trading on the foreign exchange, precious metals, and futures markets will begin at 09:50 Moscow time on 14 June. An opening auction will be held from 09:50 to 10:00, followed by the main session.

Trading in the stock and money markets will follow a regular schedule. Trading in the foreign exchange and precious metals markets will begin on all instruments except currency pairs with the US dollar, euro, and Hong Kong dollar.


  • Earlier, the United States dramatically increased the sanctions list against Russia, including hundreds of new companies, particularly the Moscow Exchange, which was compelled to announce the termination of US dollar and euro trade starting from 13 June.
  • The cash buying rate for dollars and euros at branches of many Moscow banks rose sharply. As of 21:30 on 12 June, the maximum value of orders for the purchase was 120 roubles per dollar and 125 roubles per euro. In some banks, the US dollar exchange rate reached 200 roubles at one point.
  • At some banks, the US dollar exchange rate had surpassed 200 rubles.
  • The official dollar exchange rate, according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, was 89.02 rubles, while the euro was 95.74 rubles.
  • On 13 June, shares of the Moscow Exchange fell 15% following the introduction of US sanctions.

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