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Black Sea

Sinking of Tsezar Kunikov leaves Russian Black Sea Fleet with only 5 serviceable ships, down from 13

Ukraine's General Staff confirms destruction of Russian landing ship Tsezar Kunikov

Russian landing ship Tsezar Kunikov hit in Black Sea, it has sunk – intelligence sources, photo, video

Ukraine's maritime exports reached pre-war level in January

Ukraine's Special Forces blew up Russian radar station in Black Sea

Ukrainian Navy on why sinking of missile-armed corvette Ivanovets is significant loss for Russia

Russian landing ship Olenegorskiy Gornyak moved to occupied Sevastopol – photo

Russians seek ways of being more effective in their attacks

Ukrainian grain export rates via Black Sea almost back at pre-war levels

Demining Black Sea: Türkiye, Bulgaria and Romania sign agreement

Ukrainian Navy explains why Türkiye prohibited ships gifted to Ukraine from entering Black Sea

Ukraine's Navy Commander says drones can't replace ships in war

Ukraine's Navy Commander explains how ships were saved at beginning of invasion and Russians' landing was avoided

Kremlin might use Transnistria to block Ukraine's grain corridor – ISW

Exports via Ukrainian sea corridor reach 15 million tonnes

Mine clearance in Black and Azov Seas will take five years after war is over – Ukraine's Navy

Türkiye refuses to let UK minehunters given to Ukraine into Black Sea

Russia plants guided bomb units in sea to disrupt grain corridor operations

Ukrainian attack on Russia's Novorossiysk port had strategic importance, although partners were unhappy – Ukrainska Pravda

Vice Admiral personally operated uncrewed vessels in first remote maritime operation – Ukrainska Pravda

First surface vessel attack on Crimea failed as Musk turned off connection – UP

Sea drones, Elon Musk, and high-precision missiles: How Ukraine dominates in the Black Sea

Russia loses three large amphibious assault ships in Black Sea, 10 more to go

Civilian ship hits Russian mine in Black Sea – photo

2 Russian ships leave bay in Feodosiia, Crimea – photo

Air Force downs Su-30 fighter – General Staff

Ukraine's Security Service on Mamai naval drone: Fastest object in Black Sea – photo

UK to help Ukraine strengthen its maritime potential

Bulgaria, Romania and Türkiye to sign agreement on mine clearance of Black Sea

UK will supply two minehunters to Ukraine as part of maritime coalition