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Black Sea

Erdoğan fails to convince Putin to resume grain deal

Russian Defence Ministry claims to have shot down drones over Black Sea

Ukrainian Navy destroy Russian speedboat in Black Sea during Russians' landing attempt

Russians claim to have downed 3 drones near Crimean Bridge

Turkish Foreign Minister in Moscow calls for resumption of grain agreement

Defence Intelligence special unit commander reveals details of operations on the Black Sea

Russian Defence Ministry claims to have shot down UAV over Black Sea

Ukraine and Russia fight for drilling gas platforms in Black Sea – UK Intelligence

Ukrainian forces damage Russian plane in combat near Zmiinyi Island – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Russians Ministry of Defence claims downing 2 drones over Black Sea

Russia keeps 12 Kalibr missiles in Black Sea

Bulgaria does not rule out a clash between Russia and NATO in Black Sea

Russians prepare to counteract Ukrainian drones at sea

Russia says unmanned surface vessel tries to attack Black Sea Fleet ships

Türkiye warns Russia about escalating shipping in the Black Sea

Security Service Head reveals where unique Ukrainian Sea Baby drones are assembled

US State Department on Russia's provocation with Turkish ship: unacceptable escalation

Russian deploys Admiral Makarov flagship to Black Sea

Naval mine explodes near resort in Romania

Defence of Black Sea is strategic priority for NATO – Bulgarian Defence Minister

We cannot confirm Russian statement about vessel inspection, but the very fact of speculation is a violation – Infrastructure Minister

Russian Defence Ministry's claim of inspection of Sukru Okan vessel not officially confirmed

Russians spread disinformation about ship inspection and warning shots in Black Sea

Russians attack bulk carrier heading to Izmail in Black Sea

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence posts video of Russians being wiped out in Black Sea

Kremlin shows no desire to resume grain deal – ISW

Russian city of Sochi starts fortifying its ports

Russia claims its ship was attacked by naval drone in Black Sea

Israeli vessel ignores Russia's "blockade" in Black Sea, followed by vessels from Greece and Türkiye

Russians claim attack by Ukrainian drone boats on Black Sea Fleet vessels