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Black Sea

Russians bombard Zmiinyi Island

Russians threaten civilian vessels in Black Sea – border guards intercept conversation

Russia will not be able to implement blockade of Black Sea – ISW

Russian forces may repeat attacks, including those from sea

Russia prepares to block Black Sea – Military Media Center

Mines brought by storm explode on shores of Odesa and Mykolaiv oblasts

UK Foreign Ministry afraid of Russian attacks on civilian ships in Black Sea

Russia may be preparing false flag operation in Black Sea – US State Department

Russia lays additional mines on approaches to Ukrainian ports – White House

Danilov: Kyiv may ask partners to create humanitarian convoys for grain corridor

Zelenskyy discusses restoration of food security with UN Secretary General

Zelenskyy: Russians will be afraid to approach Crimea and Ukrainian shores of ​​Azov Sea

Russians carry out rotation of missile carriers in Black Sea – Operational Command South

Russians bring out one more missile carrier in Black Sea

Beaches in Odesa declared unfit for visiting, swimming prohibited

Russia fires Kalibr cruise missiles from Black Sea: Air-raid warning was issued in Ukraine with air defence activated

Russia strengthens its naval forces in Black Sea with underwater missile carrier – Operational Command South

Russia claims that Ukraine attacked a Black Sea Fleet ship with naval drones

Sea turns into rubbish dump and cemetery for animals - Border Guard Service on impact of Kakhovka explosion

Consequences of Russians blowing up Kakhovka HPP: trash and household appliances being washed ashore. VIDEO

Zelenskyy: Pivdennyi seaport blocked by Russians, creating potential threat to other maritime countries

Russian army deploys 300 soldiers and stolen boats on Dzharylhach Island

UK Intelligence: Russian information operations at sea increase risk of accidents

Russians increase missile number in Black Sea and might attack against G7 background – Ukraine's military official

US to strengthen deterrence of Russia in Black Sea Region

Journalists post diagrams of "Putin's Black Sea Bunker" in Gelendzhik

Russians themselves dragged this rusty bucket into destruction zone – Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief on Moskva cruiser sinking

Occupiers to replenish Black Sea Fleet with missile boats armed with Kalibr missiles

NATO increases aircraft readiness after Russian Su-35 incident in Black Sea

EU's Frontex border control mission suspends Black Sea operations after incident involving Russian Su-35 jet