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Black Sea

Three NATO states to jointly clear Black Sea of mines

Three NATO countries to set up Black Sea mine clearance unit – media

Türkiye confirms explosion in Black Sea off Romanian coast

UK intelligence accuses Russia of intending to mine grain corridor

Russia moves 14 Black Sea Fleet ships to Novorossiysk – OSINT expert

Russians strengthen security of Crimean Bridge – Ukrainian Navy

Russian vessels in Black Sea do not sail beyond Cape Tarkhankut

All three key Ukrainian Black Sea ports reopen to ships

Russian Navy defeated in Black Sea – UK Defence Ministry

Russia strengthens role of naval aviation to control Black Sea – UK Intelligence

Russia deploys more border patrol vessels than warships to Black Sea

Thirst for life. Story of a special ops soldier who fell from a boat and spent 14 hours floating in the open sea

During an operation in the Black Sea, a special ops officer Conan was overboard. For 14 hours he was alone in the open sea, under the nose of the Russians. Ukrainska Pravda found Conan to learn about this incident firsthand.

Pictures emerge of damaged Russian submarine Rostov-on-Don

Russians move three landing ships from Black Sea to Sea of Azov – Ukrainian Navy spokesman

Ukraine's defence forces strike Russian patrol ship – Defence Intelligence

Ukrainian forces report strikes on two Russian ships in Black Sea

Russian Defence Ministry reports about Ukraine's Armed Forces attempt to attack Samum rocket carrier

Army of Drones shows video of uncrewed surface vessels can attack ships and bridges

Russian pilot nearly downs UK aircraft thinking he was given permission – BBC

Russia closes part of Black Sea to ships: Bulgaria talks with NATO about response to provocation

New photo of Russia's Minsk landing ship proves it has been destroyed

Attack on Russian submarine is unique event – media

Starlink malfunctions again during Ukraine's overnight attack on Sevastopol bay

Ukrainian Navy controls Black Sea part with oil rigs for over year: there is "grey zone" there

Ukraine regains control of Boyko Towers in Black Sea

Russians claim Crimea under attack from UAVs and boats

Alternative routes are unlikely to equal grain export capacities across Black Sea – UK Intelligence

Russian Navy does not block ships in Black Sea, but resorts to tricks – Ukrainian Navy

Bulgaria to arm coast guard with missiles due to Russian threat

Ukrainian Navy confirms Russians have ramped up security at Crimean Bridge