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Black Sea

Russia allegedly shoot down over 20 UAVs over Black Sea

Up to 32 Kalibr missiles in Black Sea, danger of missile attacks high – Operational Command South

Russia deploys two cruise-missile submarines to the Black Sea

Russia withdraws submarines from Black Sea to resupply them

Russian Foreign Minister complains about "dead end" with Grain Initiative

Russia doubles number of missile carriers in Black Sea

G7 stands for prolonging and expanding Black Sea Initiative

How Moskva cruiser was destroyed: video of launch of Neptune missiles posted

Crimea must be liberated for shipping safety, and it will be – Ukraine's Defence Minister

Ukraine's Foreign Minister supports integration of Ukraine's missile defence and air defence systems with those of NATO allies in Black and Baltic Seas

Black Sea, like the Baltic Sea, should become a NATO sea – Ukraine's Foreign Minister

Sunken cruiser Moskva will become location for divers after our victory – Ukraine's Defence Minister

Foreign ministers of Ukraine and Romania discuss how to strengthen security in Black Sea region

Ukraine has something to surprise Russian warships with – Ukraine's Defence Minister

Russia has missile carriers return to bases due to storm in Black Sea

Russia keeps 4 ships armed with 24 Kalibr missiles in Black Sea

Russia deploys 6 missile carriers to Black Sea

Bill on security in Black Sea region introduced in US Senate

Mine danger on Black Sea coast increases due to storm

Surface drones threaten Russian Black Sea Fleet

Sea mine detonates during storm, damaging several buildings near Odesa

Russia reduces number of its warships in Black Sea

White House reacts to Russian pilot being awarded for attacking American UAV: "Idiot at best"

US drones change routes over Black Sea after collision with Russian aircraft

Russians deploy Kalibr carriers in Black Sea

Russia keeps two cruise missile carriers in Black Sea

Americans launch second drone towards Black Sea

Medvedev wants to continue attacks on drones because Americans are "impudent"

Strange activity and number of Russian ships in Black Sea

US comments on what can be seen on video with drone incident in Black Sea