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Stabilisation outage schedules are applied in Ukraine on 16 May – Ukraine's private energy company

Russia attacks 3 thermal power plants, causing serious damage

Russia seriously damage equipment at 4 thermal power plants, injuries reported

DTEK needs US$350 million to rebuild thermal power plants: where to look for funds

Ukraine's DTEK energy company loses 80% of its power generation capacity – video

Nighttime attack on Ukraine's energy facilities: 3 thermal power plants damaged and power engineer wounded

DTEK has lost 50% of generating capacity, repairs will take months – Yasno CEO

Russian forces hit frontline thermal power plant once again

Thermal power plant stops producing electricity due to Russian attack

Ukraine's largest energy operator wins case against Russia in The Hague

Russians damaged thermal power plant in Donetsk Oblast last night, people left without power

Russia strikes DTEK facility in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Russians attack Ukrainian TPP, suspending operations

Ukraine's DTEK resumes power supply interrupted by Russian missile strike on Kryvyi Rih

Power engineers figure out how to adapt system after blowing up of Kakhovka HPP

Direct losses from Russian attacks on Ukrainian power plants nearing US$155 million

Emergency power outages implemented in Kyiv and some oblasts due to missile attack threat

Russian attack damages 4 DTEK thermal power plants

Missile attack on Ukraine: two thermal power plants damaged, one stops producing electricity

Russian forces hit DTEK facility again

Emergency power outages cancelled in city of Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast

Kyiv gets back to schedules of stabilising power outages

Russians hit Ukraine’s largest private energy company’s power plants for 22nd time

Russians fire at DTEK station: there is dead and injured, electricity production is stopped

DTEK resumed operation of damaged facilities in Kyiv: cold water will be returned to the entire capital and electricity in Troieshchyna

DTEK energy facility is disconnected from power grid due to another attack

Emergency power outages continue in Kyiv, and Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa and Kyiv Oblasts

One of DTEK’s facilities shut down due to damage caused by Russian missiles

Russians once again fire at DTEK enterprise: sixteenth attack over two months

DTEK summed up the consequences of a new large-scale attack by the Russians on the energy sector