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G7 and EU to ban restart of Russian gas supply on routes to Europe – FT

Denmark's Armed Forces confirm Russian ship was seen near the site of Nord Stream explosion

Putin calls speculation about Ukrainian involvement in Nord Stream explosion "nonsense"

President's Office explains why it was Russia that had motive to blow up Nord Streams, not Ukraine

Russians attack gas pipeline in Kharkiv Oblast, injuring civilian

Explosion at main gas pipeline in occupied Luhansk region

Russian forces shower Nikopol district using Grads overnight, damaging gas pipelines and power grid

Gas pipeline going through Ukraine to EU explodes in Russian Chuvashia, three dead

Gas supply restored in liberated Izium

Ukraine needs 2 billion cubic metres of gas and electricity worth EUR€800 million – Zelenskyy

Russia ready to abandon Zaporizhzhia NPP in exchange for transit of oil and gas through Ukraine

Russians damage gas distribution point near Zaporizhzhia

Russians attack Ukrainian natural gas production facilities and PA Pivdenmash

Part of Zaporizhzhia Oblast without gas supply

"The impossible has been done": gas supply partially restored in Donetsk Oblast

Gazprom will stop gas supplies if EU introduces price cap

President’s Office considers leak on gas pipeline a terrorist attack by Russia

Putin tries to scare Europe with cold winter: "Freeze, freeze, wolf's tail"

Russia preparing to inflict decisive blow to Europe’s energy supply – Zelenskyy

Russia will no longer be player on European energy market – Zelenskyy

There will be no heating season in occupied Mariupol – mayor

War Speeches. Russia creates nuclear threat and seeks negotiations on their terms and conditions

Ukrainian ambassador urges Canada to abandon repair of 5 more Nord Stream turbines

President's Office predicts Russia will start blackmailing Europe with gas with the onset of cold weather

Luhansk region is left without gas – Haidai

The Russians damaged a large-diameter gas pipeline: Donetsk region may run out of gas

Haidai: Luhansk Region has gas reserves for two months

Occupiers block Ukraine's gas supply to Luhansk and Donetsk regions

Severodonetsk without gas after Russian damage to pipeline

Gas production beginning to decrease in Russia