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We must take care of America's needs first – House of Representatives Speaker after meeting with Biden

Greece estimates EU will receive €50-60bn from Russian assets to support Ukraine

European Parliament committees back €50 billion macro-financial aid for Ukraine

US House of Representatives introduces bill with less aid for Ukraine

US Democrats call for unblocking of funds for Ukraine amid reports of Navalny's death

EU will have to double aid for Ukraine if US does not allocate funds – Kiel Institute

Pentagon estimates Russia spent over US$200 billion on war in Ukraine

US Congress has at least 2 plans B on how to approve American aid for Ukraine

EU approves first step to use Russia's frozen assets in Ukraine's favour

Head of EU Budget Committee: €50 billion from EU insufficient for Ukraine; it needs more

Putin likely offering North Korea access to international funds in exchange for weapons – NYT

€50bn for Ukraine: EU expects to start disbursements in March

Border deal including assistance for Ukraine could face "death by committee" in US Senate

Biden to veto bill to support Israel without Ukraine – White House

Trump urges US Senate not to vote on new border security bill

Ukraine anticipates first EU tranche of €4.5 billion in March

EU approves €50bn funding for Ukraine: all 27 EU member states in agreement

EU and member states budget €21 billion of aid for Ukraine in 2024

EU takes another step towards using frozen Russian assets in Ukraine's favour

European aid for Ukrainian refugees should be distributed via Ukraine's government – Zelenskyy

Embezzlement of $39 million: Defence Ministry officials and Lviv Arsenal managers exposed – photo

WP: Russia grows increasingly confident in undermining West as support for Putin surges

US House speaker says Senate's bill on aid to Ukraine "dead on arrival"

Hungary complicates talks on €50 billion for Ukraine

EU will allocate €50 billion, there are "three or four scenarios" – Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration

Ukraine has reserve funds to make social payments on time – minister

US Congress takes step forward in confiscating Russian assets to help Ukraine

US commits US$11.8 billion in additional aid to cover Ukraine's budget deficit, says Treasury Department

Russia has spent half of its "rainy-day fund" during invasion of Ukraine

EU foreign minister says EU countries have agreed on use of Russian frozen assets