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Russia's FSB stages supposed "counter-terrorist operation" in Ingushetia, Russia, lasting over 12 hours

Poland detains Russian on charges of working with ISIS

Russia to gather representatives of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Palestinian factions in Moscow

Russia claims victory in Ukraine's complaint to UN court under two conventions

US retaliates against Hezbollah facilities in Iraq

Chief executioner at illegal detention facility faces 15 years in prison

US military in Middle East attacked with missiles and drones

Hezbollah has fired over 1,000 projectiles on Israel since 7 October – Israeli Defence Minister

Lebanese Hezbollah has Russian-made missiles capable of hitting US vessels

US fighter jets attack Iranian facility in eastern Syria in retaliation

Israeli security services report preventing Hezbollah terrorist attack in Brazil

Terrorists and tyrants must not win, I refuse to let that happen – Biden

US, France, Germany, Italy and UK issue joint statement condemning Hamas

State Investigation Bureau detains Makiivka foundry CEO accused of collaborating with Russia since 2014

Palestinian militants capture over 130 Israelis

Russian terror against Ukrainian energy system this year began earlier than 21 September – Ukraine's PM

UK declares Wagner Group terrorist organisation

UK government to outlaw Wagner Group and confiscate its assets

Zelenskyy: Defenders will "respond tangibly" to Russian attack on Chernihiv

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly calls Russia state sponsor of terrorism

Ukraine's anti-corruption agency adds manufacturer of Domestos, Rexona and Dove to list of international sponsors of war

Russian propaganda claims Prigozhin's companies received more than trillion roubles from the Kremlin

Russia may be preparing new terrorist attack to blame Ukraine for it – intelligence

FSB recruits ISIL fighters to send them as "agents" to Ukraine

Sweden to seek EU recognition of Wagner Group as terrorist organisation

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence Chief arrested in absentia in Russia: he is to be put on international wanted list

"Worse than ISIS": Ukraine's Foreign Ministry calls on UN to kick Russia out after new video of execution of Ukrainian PoW

Russians' tactics are becoming increasingly terroristic due to lack of success

Previously swapped "DPR" militant captured and prosecuted again in Kyiv

Former Donetsk militant leader Igor Girkin claims he could not fight against Ukraine and returned to Moscow