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Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant destruction: death toll increases

Saturday, 17 June 2023, 21:59
Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant destruction: death toll increases
Rescuers in the flooded Kherson Oblast, photos by the State Emergency Service

As a result of the blowing up of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) by the Russians, the number of the perished civilians reached 16; 31 people are considered missing.

Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Quote: "16 people were killed: 14 of them in Kherson Oblast and two others in Mykolaiv Oblast. 31 people are considered missing."


Details: As of 17 June, 1,300 houses remain flooded, 1,274 of these are located in Kherson Oblast and 26 in Mykolaiv Oblast.

A total of 3,614 people were evacuated from these territories, including 474 children and 80 people with limited mobility.

The police received more than 4,800 applications from citizens who cited property damage. They checked about 13,500 flats and houses.

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