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Ukrainian Defence Intelligence strikes Russian patrol ship

Tuesday, 5 March 2024, 07:50
Ukrainian Defence Intelligence strikes Russian patrol ship
Launching of the Russain Project 22160 Patrol ship Sergiy Kotov. Photo: Crimeainform

The Russian Project 22160 patrol ship Sergei Kotov was hit as a result of a strike by Ukrainian naval drones on the night of 5 March.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda source in Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU)

Details: Ukrainska Pravda’s source said that DIU is behind this special operation.


All details of the attack and the further fate of the vessel are currently being determined.

Reference: According to the website of Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation JSC, whose facilities were used to build the ship, the Sergei Kotov was launched in Kerch on 29 January 2021.

It is reported that the Project 22160 ships were designed by St. Petersburg-based Northern Design Bureau.

They are designed to carry out a patrol service to protect territorial waters, suppress smuggling and piracy activities, search for and assist victims of maritime disasters in peacetime and in wartime to protect ships and vessels during sea passage, as well as naval bases and water areas, to warn of an attack by various enemy forces and assets.

According to the Northern Design Bureau, the Project 22160 vessels, which have a displacement of no more than 1,700 tonnes, can stay in the far offshore zone for a long time (autonomous operation for 60 days). They can comfortably accommodate 60 crew members.

The maximum speed of the ships is at least 25 knots.

To increase the search potential and conduct search and rescue operations, the ships carry a 12-tonne helicopter. In addition, the ships are equipped with radio and hydroacoustic weapons, as well as electronic countermeasures.

It was reported that as of 2021, in addition to the Sergei Kotov, the Russian Black Sea Fleet had three Project 22160 ships in service - the lead ship Vasily Bykov, the first of the Dmitry Rogachev series, and the second of the Pavel Derzhavin series.

The Russian Ministry of Defence reported that on the night of 1 August 2023, naval drones had already tried to attack the patrol ships Sergei Kotov and Vasily Bykov. At the time, the Russians said they had allegedly repelled the attack and destroyed all three uncrewed boats belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On the morning of 14 September 2023, explosions were heard in occupied Yevpatoriia, and the Russian Ministry of Defence reported there had been a drone attack on Crimea and an attempted attack by naval drones on the Black Sea Fleet patrol ship Sergei Kotov. 

In October 2023, it was reported that the Pavel Derzhavin patrol vessel had been damaged in the Black Sea near occupied Sevastopol.


  • Russian public media reported that temporarily occupied Crimea was attacked overnight by missiles and drones.
  • The Russian operator of passenger trains in temporarily occupied Crimea reported that trains had been stopped near the Crimean bridge due to blocked traffic. The bridge has been closed for over 8 hours.

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