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5 surface drones destroy Russian patrol ship Sergei Kotov with helicopter on board

Tuesday, 5 March 2024, 12:30
5 surface drones destroy Russian patrol ship Sergei Kotov with helicopter on board
A helicopter. Stock photo: open sources

Ukraine's intelligence has published intercepted conversations of the Russians detailing the destruction of the Russian patrol ship Sergei Kotov.

Source: intercepted conversations of the commander of the 184th Novorossiysk Coastal Defence Brigade, under whose command Sergei Kotov ship was operating; Ukrainska Pravda's sources

Quote: "I understand you are referring to the tragic nighttime incident. At 00:50, five unmanned boats attacked the small patrol ship Kotov, which, along with us, is on duty for air defence and it is under my command."


Details: The Russian reported that Sergei Kotov was attacked by five unmanned boats, adding that there was also a helicopter on board.

Ukrainska Pravda's sources stated that a Ka-29 shipborne combat transport helicopter was destroyed.

Such patrol ships are equipped with a helicopter pad, hangar and storage facilities for fuel to accommodate deck aircraft. 

The crew of Sergei Kotov practised helicopter deck landings for the first time in 2021.


  • Earlier on 5 March, it was reported that explosions were heard in Kerch on the night of 4-5 March, and the Crimean Bridge was closed to traffic for over eight hours. A Russian railway company operating passenger trains to temporarily occupied Crimea said trains were stopped near the Crimean Bridge. Russian media reported that drones had sunk the patrol ship Sergei Kotov. 
  • Later, Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) confirmed that Sergei Kotov, a Russian Project 22160 patrol ship, was struck by Ukrainian naval drones on the night of 4-5 March.
  • DIU said that Sergei Kotov was sunk as a result of an attack by Ukrainian Magura V5 drones.
  • Andrii Yusov, spokesman for DIU, said that several people were killed and injured as a result of the unmanned surface vehicle attack on the Russian patrol ship Sergei Kotov.

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