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Russia believed to have used new Kh-69 missiles in 11 April attack

Friday, 12 April 2024, 13:01
Russia believed to have used new Kh-69 missiles in 11 April attack
Kh-69 cruise missile. Photo: DEFENCE EXPRESS

Russia is thought to have used new Kh-69 cruise missiles during its attack on Ukraine on 11 April, which could have been effectively downed by the Patriot air defence systems that Ukraine desperately needs to reinforce.

Source: Illia Yevlash, spokesperson for the Air Force, during the 24/7 national joint newscast

Details: Defense Express reported, citing sources, that judging by the debris found in Kyiv Oblast, the Russians used their new Kh-69 cruise missiles during their attack on the Trypillia thermal power plant, which enabled them to completely destroy the plant.


Yevlash said experts are still establishing which missile was used and what type. He added that the Kh-69 is an improved version of the Kh-59.

Russia has already used these missiles to strike Ukraine.

Quote: "These are fresh missiles with parts manufactured in 2023. So we can see that Russia is constantly trying to produce new missiles.

However, it all depends on the success of their production, how quickly they can supply themselves with various semiconductors, chips, microcircuits and other important parts.

Of course, the Kh-69 missile is a new missile for us, so we are, among other things, studying how we can shoot it down. It is likely that the Patriot air defence system will also be able to counter it, as it has dealt with more complicated types of missiles, such as Zircons and Kinzhals."

More updates on this topic: Ukrainska Pravda obtains photos of wreckage from advanced Kh-69 missile Russia used to strike Trypillia power plant

Details: Regarding the information posted yesterday by Bild journalist Julian Röpcke, who has been following the fighting in Ukraine and said that Ukraine has almost run out of missiles for the Patriot and Iris-T air defence systems, Yevlash noted that Ukraine needs a large number of Patriot systems. It is currently the only weapon that can effectively counter the Russians’ powerful air attack capabilities. So the Defence Forces are, of course, very much looking forward to receiving these air defence systems from Ukraine’s partners.

Yevlash stressed that Ukraine does not manufacture these systems or the ammunition for them, so of course Ukraine needs more missiles. However, he added that Ukrainians should not panic.

Background: On the night of 10-11 April, Russia launched a large-scale combined attack against Ukraine's critical infrastructure: air defence forces destroyed 57 of the 82 air targets launched by the Russians.

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