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UK Foreign Secretary explains why UK can't help Ukraine down air targets like it did with Israel

Monday, 15 April 2024, 17:28
UK Foreign Secretary explains why UK can't help Ukraine down air targets like it did with Israel
The UK Foreign Secretary, David Cameron. Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images

The UK Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, explained why, unlike in the case of Israel, which London assisted in shooting down Iranian drones last weekend, his country cannot assist Ukraine in shooting down Russian drones.

Source: Cameron in an interview with LBC, as reported by European Pravda

Details: When asked why the Royal Air Force couldn't shoot down drones over Ukraine, the Foreign Minister stated that bringing NATO forces into direct contact with Russian troops would escalate the crisis.


Quote: "I think the difficulty with what you suggest is if you want to avoid an escalation in terms of a wider European war, I think the one thing you do need to avoid is NATO troops directly engaging Russian troops. That would be a danger of escalation," Cameron said.

He went on to say that using jets isn't always the ideal option to down missiles and drones since air defence systems work better.

With this in mind, Cameron stated that Ukraine has a significant need for air defence systems, particularly Patriot, which the UK lacks.

Iran launched a massive attack on Israel last weekend in reaction to Israel's 1 April strike, which destroyed Iran's diplomatic office in Damascus and killed Iranian generals.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed that Royal Air Force aircraft helped shoot down attack drones during Iran’s attack on Israel.

Following that, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron stated that Israel has the right to retaliate to a large-scale attack by Iran, although London hopes it will not do so.

Joe Biden, President of the US, stated during the conversation with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu that he does not support the Israeli attack on Iran in response to the latter's large-scale drone and missile attack.

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