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Ukraine's representative to UN urges tracking those who recruit foreigners into Russian forces

Saturday, 15 June 2024, 03:15
Ukraine's representative to UN urges tracking those who recruit foreigners into Russian forces
Sergiy Kyslytsya. Photo: Kyslytsya on Facebook

Sergiy Kyslytsya, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations, has called on countries to track those who recruit foreigners to sign a contract with the Russian army.

Source: Kyslytsya on Facebook

Quote: "Russia resorts to press ganging foreign nationals into its occupation forces in Ukraine by threatening those already in Russia or deceiving those they recruit from abroad.


As reported by international media, Russian authorities have been threatening not to extend visas of African students and workers unless they agree to join the military. Moscow detains foreigners with work visas and forces them to choose between deportation or enlistment into the army.

Russia has also launched a global recruitment drive, luring foreign nationals with promises of lucrative work before forcing them to train and deploy to the frontline. 

We urge all Member States to trace the Russian recruiters in your countries and take measures to prevent a devastating impact of the Russian crisis on the safety of your citizens. Let’s be clear, Russia is looking for cannon fodder."


Details:  In particular, Kyskytsya reiterated the escape of 22 Sri Lankans who managed to desert the Russian army and come back home.

One of these 22 people, a man named Anil Madusanka, told journalists that he had been offered a job as a driver in Russia. However, upon arrival, he was handed an assault rifle and sent to the front line. After being wounded, he managed to escape to his country's embassy in Moscow, which organised his repatriation.

Kyslytsya added that Russia regularly tries to use the UN as a platform for spreading Russian propaganda.

In addition, Moscow is using every opportunity to discredit the Global Peace Summit, which is starting in Switzerland, and is launching another series of manipulative statements amid the escalation of the Russian crisis.

Kyslytsya thanked the US for the decision regarding the 12th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine (Azov), which recently passed the Leahy inspection conducted by the US government: "No evidence of violations by the Azov Brigade that may prevent US military assistance from going to this unit has been found. We welcome this conclusion that debunks the Russian smear campaign that has continued since 2014."

Kyslytsya pointed out that more than 900 Azov servicemen are currently being held in captivity in Russian prisons without any communication with the world.

Quote: "As reported by the OHCHR, some of them were beaten to death and some others – given long-term or life sentences simply for being members of the Azov Brigade. We reiterate our call to stop their torture, grant unimpeded and regular access to them by the ICRC and human rights defenders, and include them in prisoner exchanges."

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