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Shells from Czech-led initiative to arrive in Ukraine within days – Czech foreign minister

Saturday, 15 June 2024, 10:26
Shells from Czech-led initiative to arrive in Ukraine within days – Czech foreign minister

Shells purchased from outside the European Union under an initiative launched by Czechia are arriving in Ukraine "in a matter of days".

Source: Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský in an interview with Radio Liberty 

Details: Commenting on the progress of the Czech initiative, Lipavský said that "the first batches of ammunition are arriving in Ukraine shortly" and that Prague will be able to purchase and continuously supply "a significant amount of ammunition" throughout 2024.


"We have 20 countries that have committed to take part in the initiative. Five of them have already sent money, and now we can conclude agreements and purchase ammunition from various countries and then send it to Ukraine so that it can rightfully defend itself against Russian aggression," he added.

Lipavský refused to specify when the deliveries would take place but reiterated that five countries taking part in the initiative – Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal and Canada – have already sent funding, and the deals they have funded are now in the process of being implemented.

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"We need to move from promises and sympathy to a signed and funded agreement, which is the challenge today... We know that Ukraine needs a lot of large-calibre ammunition, and we have a great capacity to provide it. Therefore, we hope to conclude more such agreements," he said.


  • In February, Czech President Petr Pavel said that he had found 800,000 shells in countries outside the EU and NATO, including 122mm- and 155mm-calibre ammunition, that could be supplied to Ukraine.
  • The Czech initiative could provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with 50,000 to 100,000 large-calibre shells per month.

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