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EU reveals targets of new sanctions against Russia

Wednesday, 19 June 2024, 14:33
EU reveals targets of new sanctions against Russia
Stock Photo: Getty Images

The European Union intends to blacklist 20 individuals and 22 legal entities in its latest package of sanctions against Russia.

Source: EUobserver, citing sources

The list is reported to include Russian pop singer and actress Polina Gagarina, along with two oligarchs: Igor Altushkin, founder of the Russian Copper Company, and businessman Roman Trotsenko. They will be subjected to asset freezes and EU visa bans.


Restrictions will also apply to Taymuraz Bolloyev, the president of the Baltika company, who seized Danish company Carlsberg’s Russian breweries last year.

The draft blacklist also includes pro-Russian film director Alexey Goreslavsky and his Kremlin-funded "NGO", the Moscow-based Institute for Internet Development.

Directors of Russian military plants, minor officials and energy company representatives are also on the list.


The new sanctions package also includes restrictions on the supply of Russian liquefied gas and oil tankers, helium exports, and access to dual-use technologies.

One of the military firms targeted by the sanctions has produced what the EU called "extraordinary" weapons, such as "underwater pistols, ... rifles" and "silent weapons".

The sources said that Hungary has agreed to the package of restrictive measures being adopted. Germany intends to make amendments to tighten up the rules on EU subsidiaries operating in Russia. A decision on this is expected to be reached ahead of a meeting of EU foreign ministers on 24 June.


  • The US Department of the Treasury has identified more than a dozen schemes that Russia is using to evade sanctions against its military industry, and has imposed restrictions on over 90 foreign individuals and companies, primarily from China and Türkiye.
  • The UK, following the US, has expanded its sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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