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Denmark expects schedule of F-16s delivery to Ukraine to be met

Friday, 28 June 2024, 14:22
Denmark expects schedule of F-16s delivery to Ukraine to be met
Denmark flag. Stock photo: Getty Images

Major General Jan Dam, Chief of the Royal Danish Air Force, has said that he expects the schedule for the delivery of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine to be met.

Source: TV2, as reported by European Pravda

Details: It was officially reported that the first of 19 F-16 aircraft would be delivered from Denmark to Ukraine in the summer. Dam did not name the exact dates.


"For reasons of operational security, I cannot say anything more precise. But I expect the schedule to be met. And you will be informed when the jets are ready in Ukraine," he said.

Dam said that the jets would operate from bases in Ukraine that were close to being ready for use.

But even if the F-16s are also delivered from the Netherlands and other countries, the Ukrainians will still be far from having full control over their airspace.


"Much more needs to be done to gain air supremacy over Ukraine. This requires a more effective air force and ground-based air defence," says Dam.

Russia has already announced that shooting down F-16s will be a top priority for its troops. Therefore, where and how the Ukrainians will deploy the new fighters is still shrouded in mystery.

"To shoot them down would be a huge strategic victory for the Russians, and we are doing our best to minimise the risk by making the Ukrainians as skilled as possible. But I can't promise anything. And, of course, I will be very sorry if one of them is shot down," Dam said.


  • He also called on all parties not to set expectations too high regarding the expected arrival of F-16s in Ukraine.
  • Denmark and the Netherlands led an international fighter jet coalition, within which Ukrainian experts are learning the F-16.
  • Denmark also pledged to provide 19 F-16s for Ukraine's fight against Russia. The first four jets are due to arrive in Ukraine this summer

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