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We must be ready for war by 2029 – German Defence Minister

Wednesday, 5 June 2024, 18:21
We must be ready for war by 2029 – German Defence Minister
Stock Photo: Getty Images

German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius wants to strengthen the operational readiness of the Bundeswehr, Germany's Armed Forces, in view of the threats from Russia.

Source: European Pravda with reference to Zeit

Details: Pistorius is convinced that it is necessary to prepare for a potential war.


"We must be ready for war by 2029. We have to act as a deterrent to prevent the worst from happening," he said.

He noted that "in emergency situations, we need young men and women who can defend this country."

Therefore, Germany needs a "new form of military service," which "cannot be completely free of obligations."


Background: Earlier, General Eirik Kristoffersen, the head of the Norwegian Armed Forces, expressed his belief that the Alliance's window of opportunity to prepare for a possible confrontation with Russia had narrowed down to two to three years.

A number of European NATO countries previously noted that there had been a risk of Russian aggression in the near future.

In particular, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that Russia might have the military capability to attack NATO as early as 2026-27.

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