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Ukraine and Hungary prepare agreement on bilateral relations

Tuesday, 2 July 2024, 13:56
Ukraine and Hungary prepare agreement on bilateral relations
Photo: Ukraine's President's Office

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, and Viktor Orbán, Hungarian Prime Minister, have agreed to work on a decree which would solve bilateral issues.

Source: the two leaders on 2 July following a meeting in Kyiv, as reported by a European Pravda correspondent

Details: The two leaders stressed that the meeting became an important step for solving problems which have piled up over a long time.


Quote by Zelenskyy: "The content of our dialogue on all current issues may become a foundation for a future bilateral document between our states which would regulate our relations and would be based on a mirror effect in the relations between countries."

Viktor Orbán also believes that the negotiations brought the two countries closer to signing the agreement.

"Our aim is to settle the relations between our countries, we want to sign a global agreement on cooperation with Ukraine, similar to those agreements signed with Hungary’s other neighbours," Orbán  stated.


In addition to this, Orbán stressed that Hungary is ready to support the modernisation of the Ukrainian economy and intends to help Ukraine during its presidency in the EU Council.

"I wish all the best to Ukraine, and we will help you in everything we can during our presidency," he added.


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán arrived in Kyiv on an unannounced visit on the morning of 2 July, making it his first visit in many years and his first visit since the beginning of Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine. 

Orbán promised to take the "first steps" to help bring peace to Ukraine on the eve of his visit to Kyiv. He explained that Hungary aims to solve the challenges the EU faces during its presidency.

The spokesperson of the Hungarian government confirmed that the possibility of achieving peace would become the most important topic of the talks in Kyiv.

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