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10 years of war – 10 lessons and conclusions for justice

Zelenskyy signs law on changing administrative and territorial structure of Crimea

Medvedev says Russia may annex Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Russians announce military "training" in Feodosia and Armiansk

Ukraine's court issues first sentence for deportation from occupied Crimea

Explosion thunders in Crimean settlement with military airbase

No May barbecues in Crimea this year, demoralisation begun – Crimean Tatar leader

American drone lost in Black Sea found near main Russian base in Crimea

Russian government cancels large concert at sports stadium where Putin appeared in February

Kremlin-linked lobbyists paid European politicians to legitimise annexation of Crimea

Iran does not recognise annexation of Russian-captured Ukrainian regions

Ukrainian President’s Office on Poland "annexing" Ukraine: We are laughing at Russia together

Russia again raves that Poland wants to annex part of Ukraine

Peskov says Russia has not withdrawn its claims to entire Kherson Oblast

Ordinary residents of Crimea will not be held responsible for living under occupation

Lukashenko announces that Putin fired dozens of missiles on 10 October due to explosion at Crimean Bridge

Russia classified quarter of 2023 expenditures amid war

UN General Assembly condemns Russia’s so-called referendums in occupied territories of Ukraine; Zelenskyy responds

Maps of Russia with annexed Ukrainian territories issued in Moscow

Kuril Islands belong to Japan – Zelenskyy

More than 50 UN Member States support resolution on condemnation of sham referendums in Ukraine

Russia appoints curator of annexed regions of Ukraine

President’s Office responds to Putin’s annexation papers: We’ll take back everything that’s ours

Putin enacts "laws" on annexation of territories of 4 Ukrainian oblasts

Russia’s Federation Council ratifies annexation of Ukrainian oblasts

Russia’s State Duma "ratifies" annexation of Ukrainian territories

War Speeches: No russia’s Annexation or Nuke Threats to Stop Ukraine

"Zhduns" will wait in vain for Russia in 2026 – Luhansk Oblast to be liberated earlier – Haidai

Borders of Russian-annexed occupied territories are announced

Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers partner states options for responding to Russian annexation attempts