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military volunteers

On Latvia's Independence Day, Latvian president honours military volunteer killed in Ukraine

Polish volunteer soldier dies in Kharkiv hospital after car accident

Belarusian volunteer soldier who liberated Irpin and Kherson KIA in Ukraine

Russian intelligence forms shadow mercenary army disguised as volunteers

Putin orders former Wagner PMC chief to form new volunteer units for war

Belarusian volunteer killed at contact zone

Four volunteer soldiers from Kalinoŭski Regiment killed in Ukraine

Lithuanian military volunteer dies after getting wounded in Bakhmut

Russian Volunteer Corps said they penetrated Russia again

Volunteer formations in Kyiv Oblast armed with over 8,000 weapons

Two Canadian volunteers killed in battle for Bakhmut

US volunteer killed in action near Bakhmut

Two Lithuanian volunteers receive injuries near Bakhmut

Zelenskyy honours hundreds of volunteers with awards and receives Ukrainian Hero's chevron from the man's fiancée

Nation of military volunteers is invincible – Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief

Thousands of candidates apply to Offensive Guard on first day, recruitment continues

Applications to join Ukraine's new Offensive Guard pour in

Volunteer from Canada who participated in Euromaidan killed in Ukraine

Ukraine welcomes home 32 prisoners and recovers the body of a fallen Israeli citizen

Russia announces sending new "Ossetian volunteer battalion" to Ukraine

Transcarpathian "Sonechko" [Sunshine] unit captures Russian tank base

Company commander of the Belarusian Kastuś Kalinoŭski battalion dies