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Ukraine signs agreement with Westinghouse for purchase of reactor unit for Khmelnytskyi NPP

Power outage in Zaporizhzhia NPP: threat to radiation safety

Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant teeters on brink of 8th blackout all day

Ukraine tests mobile power plant from US

Russia puts power unit 4 of Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant on hot shutdown, increasing likelihood of accident

Russians kidnap another Zaporizhzhia NPP employee in occupied Enerhodar

Energoatom: Occupiers kidnap and torture Zaporizhzhya NPP worker

Russians switch ZNPP unit into hot shutdown mode – Energoatom

Russians trying to force Ukrainian staff at Zaporizhzhia NPP to launch power unit No. 4

Water level of Zaporizhzhia NPP cooling pond is stable – Energoatom

Energoatom explains terms of insurance coverage for possible nuclear incident at Zaporizhzhia NPP

Water level in Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant cooling pond is stable

Water level in Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant cooling pond is stable – Energoatom

Ukraine's Energoatom reports insignificant decrease in water level at Zaporizhzhia NPP cooling pond

Occupiers forbid Zaporizhzhia NPP staff to even talk to each other – Energoatom

Ukrainian troops realise they will have to avoid Zaporizhzhia NPP during counteroffensive – Head of Energoatom

Russians plan to "evacuate" thousands of Zaporizhzhia NPP employees – Energoatom

Ukraine's nuclear energy company Energoatom plans to build 20 nuclear power units in Ukraine

Russians prepare to block ZNPP staff, awaiting Ukraine's possible counteroffensive

Russians abduct 4 more Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant employees

"Threat of reactor being struck was high": Energoatom reports two missiles flying over nuclear power plant

Russian invaders preparing for defence of Enerhodar, barracks got moved to basements

No nuclear power plants in Ukraine are generating power for Ukraine's grid

Russians rob Energoatom lorries carrying equipment to Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

Energoatom has urgently to conduct ZNPP operational security analysis, in case Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant is blown up

Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant restores heat supply to Enerhodar

Russian occupiers abduct two officials from Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

Russians use a new nuclear blackmail tactic

Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant cut off from external power after Russian attacks

Russians have kidnapped and may torture deputy head of ZNPP