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Statement by Ukrainska Pravda on the detention of journalists Mykhailo Tkach and Yaroslav Bondarenko in Poland

Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief approves changes to journalist accreditation during martial law

Ukrainian media community, put under pressure by smear campaigns, complains to G7 ambassadors – photo

Threats to journalist Nikolov: journalist says police released defendants in his case

Russian blogger who called for survivors in Kharkiv to be "finished off" is served with notice of suspicion

Threats to journalist Nikolov: law enforcement officers identifies intruders – photo

Kyiv police opens criminal investigation into threats to journalist Yurii Nikolov

Outlet that leaked Bihus.Info surveillance video closes YouTube channel and deletes news

Special operation involving 30 people: reveals how its employees were monitored

Reuters makes correction: Russia's war against Ukraine no longer labelled as "Ukraine Crisis"

Ukrainian media association condemns attacks on journalists, call on Zelenskyy to react

Zelenskyy announces changes in journalists' access to combat zone

The truth is that freedom is very fragile

Ukrainians hack Russian Defence Ministry's propaganda department and show how it works

Zelenskyy meets with foreign journalists: War is not a movie, it will not end soon

Media market in Ukraine to remain inactive until war is over, Deputy PM says

Zelenskyy's visit to Israel frozen because of leak to media

Russians launch fake radio broadcasting in Kharkiv Oblast again

Ukrainian TV presenters and former culture minister want to bail out oligarch Ihor Kolomoiskyi

Deutsche Welle cameraman injured by Russian cluster munitions – company

Prigozhin's media group remains open, trolls remain active – FT

24/7 newscast shows footage of Russian emergency services in Kherson

Russian court sends WSJ journalist to pre-trial detention centre for two months

WSJ calls for release of detained journalist and denies Russia's allegations

Zelenskyy to journalists: Unite, remind people they are at war

Ukrainian Parliament approves media law needed to join EU

Human rights ombudsman appeals to Defence Minister about journalists stripped of accreditation

Journalists stripped of accreditation for reporting from Kherson demand it back

From "good" to "helpful": How Russian opposition plays along with Kremlin propaganda – study

The New era of "Samizdat". How to fight digital dictatorship