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Norway sends almost €42 million worth of grenade launcher ammunition to Ukraine

Norway to allocate €240 million for air defence measures for Ukraine

Norway's top general says NATO has two to three years to prepare for confrontation with Russia

Ukraine signs security agreement with 15th state, Norway

Norway bans entry for Russian tourists

Norway recognises Palestine as a state

Norway exposes Russian intelligence agents preparing acts of sabotage

Norway allocates over US$600 million to support Ukraine, mainly for air defence

Norway has provided Ukraine with US$90 million worth of military supplies in recent months

Norwegian Foreign Ministry announces signing of security agreement with Ukraine

Norway says it is handing over F-16s to Ukraine for strikes deep into Russian rear

Norway to send 22 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, with US approval

"Russian cottage houses" rented for military in Sweden and Norway during NATO exercises

Norway allocates over US$150 million to purchase 800,000 projectiles for Ukraine

Norway may sign security guarantees agreement with Ukraine in few weeks

Russian children taught to shoot near border with Norway – photo, video

Russia has grown stronger over year and has advantage in war – Norwegian intelligence chief

Norway plans to send Ukraine more NASAMS air defence systems

Norwegian F-16 fighter jets transported to Denmark to train Ukrainian pilots

Norway authorises direct sales of weapons and defence equipment to Ukraine

Norwegian PM announces additional strengthening of Ukrainian air defence and other support

Zelenskyy arrives in Norway – video

Ukraine's Foreign Minister holds first meeting with his Norwegian counterpart

Norway is ready to close only checkpoint on border with Russia

Norway contributes US$22 million to Trust fund to support Ukraine's economy

Norway intercepts 6 Russian bombers and fighters

Norway prepared to close its border with Russia following Finland

Norway to allocate additional €84 million to humanitarian support for Ukraine

Norway, Sweden and Denmark to jointly buy artillery shells for Ukraine

Norway to invite Ukraine instead of Russia to mark 80th anniversary of Finnmark's liberation from Nazis