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Zelenskyy on Trump: If someone can really end a war in 24 hours, I'd be thrilled

Kremlin official says he doesn't see how Trump can stop Russia's war against Ukraine

Italy sees "important signals" for starting peace talks between Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine, G7 and Global South countries hold secret meeting on "peace talks" with Russia – Bloomberg

Pope at Christmas Mass calls for peace, including in Ukraine

US State Department believes Putin won't agree to ceasefire in Ukraine before US elections

Third Peace Formula meeting with 65 countries present begins in Malta

Vatican envoy to visit Beijing for "peace talks" on Ukraine

Foreign Minister explains why Ukraine cannot conduct peace talks with Putin

No peace initiatives besides Zelenskyy's peace formula – Head of President's Office on success in Jeddah

Russia scornful about not being invited to Jeddah meeting to discuss Ukraine's Peace Plan

Zelenskyy's office hints what items different states will take on in Ukrainian peace formula

Countries to share responsibility for peace formula points during meeting in Saudi Arabia

Kuleba believes China's participation in meeting on Ukrainian peace formula is major breakthrough

Ukraine wants to hold a Global Peace Summit in autumn

Bulgarian Parliament supports Ukraine's peace formula and NATO membership after war

Head of Zelenskyy's Office tries to involve Brazil and India in Ukrainian peace plan

South African President names 10 necessary components to achieve peace in Ukraine

Peace summit expected to be held prior to NATO summit in July: Russia not invited

South Korea supports Ukrainian "peace formula"

Norway PM: peace after war should be only on Ukraine's terms

Ukraine knows nothing about Vatican's "peace mission" – CNN

Zelenskyy outlines peace formula to Xi, and Xi talks about China's "peace plan"

Brazilian President says he wants to find "third alternative" to end war in Ukraine

Putin's spokesman: Russia will listen only to those "peace" proposals that are in its interests

Hungarian Foreign Minister states that he hosted Belarusian Foreign Minister in Budapest for sake of peace in Ukraine

"An unlikely peacemaker": Office of President of Ukraine responds to Lukashenko's calls for ceasefire

President of Hungary: Russia must withdraw troops from Ukraine to achieve peace

Russia surrenders or withdraws troops – Ukraine's Security Council Secretary on implementing China's peace plan

Kremlin claims there are no conditions for peace, only war is possible