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Kremlin doubts efficiency of Peace Summit

Monday, 17 June 2024, 14:10
Kremlin doubts efficiency of Peace Summit
Dmytro Peskov. Photo: RIA Novosti

Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian ruler, has claimed that the effectiveness of the Global Peace Summit Russia wasn’t invited to allegedly "approaches zero".

Source: Russian Kremlin-aligned news agency RIA Novosti

Quote by Peskov: "This was a widespread viewpoint at this event, many of them [the participants – ed.] confirmed the futility of any serious substantial discussions in the absence of our country. We documented this as well."


Details: In fact, only Türkiye expressed disappointment that Russia was not invited to the Peace Summit. Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan stated that Russia's involvement in the Global Peace Summit would have made the gathering "more result-oriented".

Peskov stressed that Russia’s relations with Hungary, Serbia and Türkiye, which had signed the final document of the conference, would not deteriorate.

"Of course, we will take into consideration the position of these countries, it is important for us. And we will keep explaining our reasoning to them," Peskov said.


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  • On 14 June, Russian leader Vladimir Putin dreamed up new "conditions for the start of peace talks": Ukrainian troops must withdraw from the territory of four Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine, and Kyiv must make a declaration about the absence of plans to join NATO.
  • Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Ministry stated that Putin was trying to disrupt the Global Peace Summit with his so-called ultimatum for the start of "peace talks".
  • Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy compared Putin’s actions to those of Nazi Germany.
  • Participants in the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland issued a joint communiqué on the foundations of peace in Ukraine.
  • The final declaration of the Global Peace Summit, held in Switzerland, was signed by 80 countries and four organisations. Later, the Swiss Foreign Ministry released the list of countries that signed the communiqué. Iraq and Jordan appeared to have retracted their signatures, thus reducing the number of states that signed the document to 78.

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