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Putin takes pity on Palestinians and blames Israel for seizing part of their land

Wednesday, 11 October 2023, 16:03
Putin takes pity on Palestinians and blames Israel for seizing part of their land

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that Israel's settlement policy has become one of the reasons for the war in the region, and that the so-called Palestinian problem is perceived as a great injustice by everyone who professes Islam.

Source: TASS and RIA Novosti, Kremlin-aligned Russian news outlets, quoting Putin during an energy forum

Quote from Putin: "The Palestinian problem is in the heart of every person in this region. And I think that in the heart of everyone who professes Islam, this is the way of life, these are obvious things. And everything that is happening – not only now, but what has been happening for decades – is perceived as a manifestation of injustice, which has been elevated to some incredible degree."


Details: Putin said that Israel's settlement policy is one of the reasons for the war. "Some of the land that Palestinians consider and have always considered to be part of the original Palestinian land has been occupied by Israel at different times and in different ways. Mostly, of course, with the help of military force," Putin said.

Putin stated that during the creation of Israel, there were also talks of creating a sovereign Palestine at once, but this was never done. Instead, he said, the United States supposedly tried to substitute the solution of political problems with "material handouts" to Palestine.

Putin also said that Russia supports the creation of a Palestinian state. "We have always advocated the implementation of the UN Security Council's decisions, meaning, first and foremost, the creation of an independent, sovereign Palestinian state," Putin said.


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