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Pentagon says withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Avdiivka was "strategic"

Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 00:48
Pentagon says withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Avdiivka was strategic
Sabrina Singh. Photo: Pentagon

The Pentagon has called the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Avdiivka "strategic" and done to preserve their own artillery and ammunition, which are critically lacking due to failed assistance from the United States.

Source: Suspilne and Ukrinform citing Sabrina Singh, US Defense Department Deputy Spokesperson

Details: Singh stated that if the Pentagon does not receive funding from the House of Representatives, it will be unable to deliver critically needed packages to Ukraine. In that case, the military will be forced to choose and decide which cities they can hold with the weapons from partners.


Quote: "I can't forecast that from here. It's really the Ukrainians' decision to speak to. But obviously they're in a critical fight for their – for their lives, for their country, and that's why you heard me say in very stark terms that's why we need the supplemental immediately. And we've been saying that and sounding these alarm bells since October."

Details: She suggested that there are no current concerns, although there are cities under attacks and threat.

Quote: "I would direct you to the Ukrainians. I'm sure they're not going to give you their battle plans, but absolutely they're on the front lines, fighting every single day to hold every single inch of territory. But I can't speak to each specific city."

Details: Meanwhile, the US Department of Defense emphasised that it is able to ensure the delivery of new assistance packages to Ukraine immediately after the US Congress passes the relevant draft law.

Quote: "So as soon as Congress gives us that authority [regarding assistance funding –  ed.], we will be able to, I think pretty quickly, deliver a PDA [Presidential Drawdown Authority – ed.] to the Ukrainians."


  • The White House stated that Ukraine lost Avdiivka due to the inaction of the US Congress.
  • Earlier, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba made a similar statement, noting that the Ukrainian army’s shortage of weapons was due to the US Congress’s failure to pass a bill on supplemental aid to Ukraine.
  • For several months now, Congress has been unable to approve supplemental aid to Ukraine due to the lack of compromise on the part of Republicans in the House of Representatives on the southern border issue.

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